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How Sweat-Wicking Fabrics Can Enhance Performance

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Moisture or sweat-wicking fabrics have been around for only a little over twenty years and yet it is hard to imagine completing a work-out without them. These fabrics have been designed to keep the skin dry and at a constant temperature, promoting an improved sporting performance and more comfortable everyday activities. We look at how this technology works, what benefits it offers and how Undershield sportswear uses an innovative new material for enhanced wicking properties.

Under Shield: How Their Garments Impact Sports Performance

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What do you look for when choosing your sports kit? When you’re training hard to achieve a result, whether it’s winning a race, achieving a PB or completing a challenging course, your choice of kit can make a big difference. At the very least, it should not inhibit your performance. However, with new technology available, it can now have the potential to improve it. Our blog this week reviews the new Under Shield range of sportswear for its benefits to performance.

How to get a gym workout at home with no equipment / How to keep active while remaining at home

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The gym is a great place to build strength and cardiovascular fitness, and with its specialist equipment, you can create a variety of challenging workouts. However, sometimes going to the gym is not an option, but that is not a reason to ditch the exercise. There are a whole range of exercises you can do at home that will ensure you maintain the strength and fitness you have worked so hard to build. Our five favourites target multiple muscle groups so that you get the most out of the effort put in.

How Eco-Friendly is Your Workout?

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Exercise is great for the body and the mind but have you considered the effect it has on the environment? We look at the factors you can consider to make your workout more eco-friendly and share what actions Under Shield® have taken to ensure their garments are kind to the environment too.

How can Under Shield® garments support your cold weather training?

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Can having the right kit help with outdoor training when conditions get challenging? Under Shield’s garments promise unparalleled comfort, performance and practicality, and, alongside their breathability, the fabric’s unique combination of Carbon Energized Fibre and Dryarn® polypropylene claims to insulate the body and enable effective temperature stabilisation. In this blog, these properties are put to the test on my early morning winter run.

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