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How to get a gym workout at home with no equipment /  How to keep active while remaining at home
18 Jan

How to get a gym workout at home with no equipment / How to keep active while remaining at home

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How to get a gym workout at home with no equipment /

How to keep active while remaining at home


The gym is a great place to build strength and cardiovascular fitness, and with its specialist equipment, you can create a variety of challenging workouts. However, sometimes going to the gym is not an option, but that is not a reason to ditch the exercise. There are a whole range of exercises you can do at home that will ensure you maintain the strength and fitness you have worked so hard to build. Our five favourites target multiple muscle groups so that you get the most out of the effort put in.

Getting Ready

As when you work out at the gym, there are a few things to consider before starting your session.

1) Wear comfortable clothes, made of breathable material, and which allow a good range of movement. The carbon energised fibre material of Undershield's garments is ideal, as it supports the temperature regulation of your body and with all garments being seamless, your movement is not restricted.

2) Time your nutrition around your workout. Make sure that you have eaten to fuel your exercise, but equally that you have left enough time to avoid any digestive distress.

3) Complete a warm-up first. This step is commonly neglected, but it is vital to prevent injury and get the best out of your workout. A few minutes marching on the spot, adding in some shoulder and arm rotations, knee bends and foot flexion is sufficient.

The Exercises

1) Inchworm Walk-out to Shoulder Tap

·         Start standing

·         Reach down to touch the floor with your hands, bending your knees if needed

·         Walk your hands out, while keeping your feet in place, until your body is in a high plank position

·         Keeping your core muscles engaged, tap alternate shoulders

·         Walk your hands back up towards your feet and raise again to standing

2) Alternating Lunges

·         Start standing

·         Take one large step forward

·         Your back heel should lift, and both knees should bend approximately 90 degrees

·         Push off the front leg to return to the starting position

·         Repeat on the other side

·         If this exercise troubles the knees, try stepping back into a reverse lunge, which puts less pressure on the joints

There is the option to hold weights (water bottles or cans would work) during the exercise

3) Press-Ups

·         Start in a high plank position – hands under shoulders, core muscles engaged

·         Bend the elbows and lower your body towards the floor

·         Keep your hips and shoulders in line throughout the movement

·         Push back up until arms are straight, but elbow joints are still soft

For a less intense option, complete this exercise with hands on a raised surface, such as a stable chair or table, or against a wall.


4) Squat Pause

·         Stand standing, feet underneath the hips

·         Bend at the knees, while sitting back like you are about to take a seat

·         Pause in this position for a few seconds, then raise to standing

For more intensity, hold a heavy object into your chest, as you squat.

If this move is hard on the knees or back, try a wall squat hold instead.


5) Rotating Planks

·         Start in a forearm plank position, elbows under the shoulders, core muscles engaged

·         Lift one arm into the air, rotating the body to one side

·         Replace the elbow and repeat on the other side

For more challenge, complete on the hands in a high plank position and add a press-up in between repetitions

Designing a circuit

These exercises can be put into a simple circuit to get a full-body workout session. Complete each exercise for 30 seconds, then take a 30-second break before moving onto the next move. Repeat the whole set of exercises four times. These timings and repetitions can be tweaked to suit your fitness levels.

Staying fit and healthy with a good workout at home is entirely possible, even if you do not have access to gym equipment. Keeping active in this way is also very helpful for maintaining a positive, motivated mindset; crucial during times when other aspects of life are challenging.

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