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How Sweat-Wicking Fabrics Can Enhance Performance
01 Feb

How Sweat-Wicking Fabrics Can Enhance Performance

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How Sweat-Wicking Fabrics Can Enhance Performance

Moisture or sweat-wicking fabrics have been around for only a little over twenty years and yet it is hard to imagine completing a work-out without them. These fabrics have been designed to keep the skin dry and at a constant temperature, promoting an improved sporting performance and more comfortable everyday activities. We look at how this technology works, what benefits it offers and how Undershield sportswear uses an innovative new material for enhanced wicking properties.

What are moisture-wicking fabrics and how do they work?

Moisture-wicking fabrics are light-weight, breathable materials, designed to provide more comfort and improved performance for those engaged in active pastimes.   The fabrics work by having capillary spaces that allow liquids to move through the tiny spaces and away from the skin. With a water-resistant coating, the microfibres within the material draw the moisture away from the body to the surface, speeding up the evaporation process.

Previously, sportspeople would wear cotton or even wool during their activities; materials that act like a sponge, holding the moisture for longer. Trying to complete any activity in wet clothes is uncomfortable at best but as they also force the body to work harder to maintain a stable, healthy temperature, in extreme conditions, it could be potentially dangerous.

Conventionally, breathable fabrics that offer these moisture-wicking properties are made from polyester, however, Undershield has developed garments that use a combination of Carbon Energized Fibre and Dryarn® polypropylene for improved benefits.

How does this help performance?

For sportspeople to perform at their best, a constant, ideal body temperature should be maintained. The wicking properties of these materials mean that the body will remain dry, keeping you warmer in winter, but also cooler in the warmer, more humid summer months. Maintaining this ideal body temperature will reduce fatigue, as the body is not working as hard to keep homeostasis (a stable internal state) and thus an improved performance can be more easily achieved.

The improved airflow, offered by the breathability of these moisture-wicking materials, also delivers more comfort during a work-out.

What is different about the moisture-wicking properties of the Undershield garments?

Undershield uses a combination of Carbon Energized Fibre and Dryarn® polypropylene across all our sportswear range.

Dryarn® polypropylene has been proven to be more breathable than polyester, more insulating than wool, and lighter than any other fibre. A garment in Dryarn® weighs 32% less than the same garment in wool and 34% less than the same garment in polyester. Tests have shown that the carbon energised fibre material used in the Undershield garments offers better sweat expulsion, rated as 100, compared to 80 from its nearest rival, polyester. These properties enable better thermoregulation during intense workouts and ultimately could lead to improved performance.

And when performance margins are small, every detail of an athlete’s equipment can make a difference in gaining those few extra seconds.

An added benefit with the polypropylene properties of Dryarn® material is its antibacterial benefit, helping to ensure your kit stays bacteria-free and your skin healthy.

The technology behind sportswear has improved immensely over the last two decades, allowing us to work out in more comfort and in kit that can benefit our performance. Whether an aspiring sportsperson, looking to set records and win races, or simply someone who enjoys a sport and wants to get the best out of it, investing in garments, such as those from Undershield, that offer moisture-wicking properties, will help you reach your goals and make your experiences more enjoyable.

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