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Medium-weight, seamless under helmet, designed for comfort and breathability.

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Medium-weight, seamless under helmet, designed for comfort and breathability. The combination of Carbon Energized fibres and Polypropylene Dryarn® sets this garment aside from any other. Not only does the material wick away perspiration quicker and more efficiently than polyester products but it also works to provide the optimum thermal K.  This is the measure of a materials ability to transfer heat. By stabilizing the body's temperature you are able to move easier, faster and more effectively as the benefits from these products can, in most cases, assist in reducing the heart rate, oxygen intake and lactic acid levels.

The Balaclava was designed specifically for the moto-cross or for under a motorbike helmet. However it can be adapted for use to suit you, cycling, skiing etc. It has the range of benefits that you get from Carbon Energized products. Across the mouth and nose are zones for easier breathing. 


Product Technology
Temperature Stabilisation Helps to maintain a consistent body temperature during physical activity, with 3 times less fluctuation than experienced with polyester garments.
Anti-Bacterial Provides a reduction in bacteria build-up as a result of the sweat-wicking properties of the unique Carbon Energised Fibre fabric.
Breathability Effectively draws moisture away from the body and allows for quick evaporation on the surface of the fabric.
Lower Heart Rate Incorporates fabric technology that has been shown to lower the heart rate by 4 beats per minute when compared to polyester.
Antistatic Harnessing the in-built protection against the electrical charges from electromagnetic smog and UV rays to reduce muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue.
Seamless Construction Enables unrestricted, freedom of movement in all directions while still offering strategic muscle support.
A lightweight fabric that’s Up to 34% lighter than polyester with better breathability,to 32% lighter than wool with improved insulation.
Carbon Energized Fibre Yes
Dryarn Polypropylene Dryarn combined with Carbon Energized fibres delivers continuous and effective transfer of high perspiration during periods of high activity, creating an optimal thermal K

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